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When you think of the kitchen sink what comes to mind? Is it washing dishes, rinsing food, prepping for dinner, or bathing your infant child? 

The kitchen sink is used for a variety of things, so having the perfect kitchen sink for the function of your kitchen is very important. With that in mind Let’s take a moment and look at a few different types the kitchen sinks that are available today.

  • The undermount sink. This sink that is attached underneath the countertop, and creates a very sleek look.
  • The flush mount sink. Sleekly designed by using the same material for both the countertop and the sink basin making for one smooth and gorgeous piece. The look is completely seamless.
  • The farmhouse sink. It’s also known as an apron style think. This sink has prominent rounded edges that hang over the edge of the countertop. It has a very rustic look and is perfect for farmhouse kitchens.

There are many styles to choose from all their own unique and special look and feel. Create the space that you want basing on your style, lifestyle, and functionality. The kitchen sink is one of the major decisions in the kitchen, choose well.

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