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Owning a trampoline is an easy way to get fun, accessible exercise for the whole family! If you’re considering buying a bouncy addition for your backyard, you might be concerned about how to keep your children safe on the trampoline. Here are a few trampoline safety tips to keep in mind:

  1. Regularly check the trampoline safety. Check the jumping surface to make sure it’s well secured and tight but not too tight. Look for looseness, fraying, holes, or wear. Don’t fix but replace the jumping mat the same size and of high quality.
  2. Install and maintain a strong safety net. Make sure your net doesn’t extend over the edge and under the jumping that.
  3. Pad necessary areas and lower the trampoline service. Covering the frame bars, springs, hooks, etc. with shock-absorbing protective padding helps prevent cuts and bumps.
  4. Check the springs and bolts. Exposed springs can be hazards for falls and feet. To ensure the trampoline is sturdy the bolts on your trampoline frame should be tight with secured at all times.
  5. Install your trampoline in a safe environment. Avoid hills and slopes or bumpy spots. Instead make sure it’s on a level surface preferably covered by a soft coating like sand, grass, or wood chips.
  6. Create rules and supervisors use. Monitor your children’s jumping habits and establish rules about how the trampoline should be used. If everyone knows the best ways to stay safe you can minimize risks.

Consider these and other tips for trampoline safety before placing a trampoline in your backyard.

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