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Termites are a real concern. Many structural problems that happen are created by termites. One of the many issues that makes termite problems serious, and very difficult to find, is in how termites work and live.

By nature, termites try to avoid predators. So they try to keep their tunnels deep within the structure they are destroying. That being said, their damage is usually well hidden behind walls and in the inside inner portion of framing. Also, when their damage can be found, it is often mistaken for carpenter ant damage. So what are some things that you can do to find termite damage? How can you identify termite damage if you do find it?

First, one of the easiest things you can look for is mud tubes, which is a thin structure they build to move around in. Then, if you do find their damage, look for frass – Frass is a polite term for wood shavings, garbage, and their excrement. Termites will generally pack the frass into their tunnels, whereas carpenter ants clean their tunnel very thoroughly. See the picture below for an example.

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