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Summer is a great time to get work done on your deck. It’s also one of the best times of year to use the deck. Here’s a list of deck maintenance tips to keep it in great condition for the summer and years to come: 

  • Inspect your deck. Your Dixie’s at all from hot and humid summer days to heavy snow. All of that moisture and son can deteriorate your deck over time. So, fix the small problems before they become major. She’s like dry rot, protruding nails, or loose boards.
  • Clean it up. It’s Important to select a cleaning product appropriate for whatever material your deck is made of. Wooden composite cleaners will not only freshen up your deck but protect it from moss and mold.
  • Sand, stain and seal the wood. Sealing the deck will cause water to bead. Staining your deck will protect the wood even after the wax is worn off. It is recommended that you both stain and seal your deck.

Maintaining your deck should not be a chore or a burden. It’s a space to enjoy time with your family and friends, a place to cook a delicious meal and share a few cocktails.

There’s something special about the ritual of preparing your deck for summer.

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