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One of the most important installations that a homeowner can do is that of a smoke detector. There are several things to consider before purchasing a smoke detector. You want to think about the type of detector, how many you might need, where you want them installed, and how to keep them working properly?

Below are some helpful tips on how you can help your family stay safe and find the right smoke detector for your family and your home.

  1. There are several different models and types of smoke alarms to choose from. There are smoke alarms that are equipped with voice alerts, combination carbon monoxide and smoke alarms, there are some that are hardwired and others are battery operated. Whatever you choose they’re all very easy to install.
  2. Next, you need to decide where you want to put the smoke alarms. It is suggested that they be installed on every level of the home. You also want one in each bedroom and one in the kitchen. It’s also good to install them high on the wall or on the ceiling
  3. A few things to consider when you’re installing your smoke alarms. Mark the drill points on the ceiling or wall. Then you want to drill your holes and mount the alarm and twist the alarm in place. Now you can just screw on the base plate and then insert the batteries.

Now it’s time to get started, choose your detector and get it installed. Protect what you value most, your family!

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