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Sewer Inspection Services

We use the latest in sewer camera technology to ensure that you don’t have any unpleasant surprises when you move in.



01. Sewer Cameras

We use the latest in sewer camera technology to ensure that issues have not built up in your main sewer line that could cost you thousands of dollars later on.

02. Photos & video

We document our findings in an easy to read inspection report. Most issues are clear with our descriptions and photos of the issues, but we can also include video if needed.

03. Peace of Mind

Unseen sewer line issues can cause much damage and grief. Get real peace of mind and sleep well at night knowing you have had a thorough sewer line inspection.

See What Others Can’t

Is your home over 20 years old? Do you have trees in the yard? Have there been past problems with sewer or notice a new sewer cleanout? If you answered yes to any of the questions, you need a SEWERSCAN!

Add on a sewer mainline inspection will give you a complete look at your main drain system. The main sewer line is important to keep clear and flowing. If you are buying an older home it is especially important you know the condition of the mainline. Older homes are more likely to have or have had clogs, breaks, or tree root intrusions. The fixes for these could run into the thousands.

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