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Mold Inspections

Our complete mold inspections give you the information you need to make good decisions and control mold in your home. 


01. Whole-House Inspections

The Whole Home Inspected for areas that would be conducive for mold growth.

02. Mold Sampling & Testing

Physical Samples will confirm any suspicion of mold and are analyzed by a certified lab.

03. Indoor Air Quality Sampling

​Indoor Air Quality Sampling – so you know what’s in the air you & your family breathe.


What is a Mold Inspection?

A mold inspection (or testing) is an evaluation of a home or building to first and foremost – determine if there is a mold issue. To give you a better understanding of what mold inspections should and need to include, here are important factors to consider for mold inspections.

Important Things You Need to Know About Mold Inspections

Mold inspections should be performed by a qualified mold inspector/tester who has had specific training and notable experience in the mold field. Training and experience are necessary, as mold is a serious health hazard and should be handled only by the most qualified professionals.

Mold inspections are initially non-invasive, which means we do not do any destructive testing. We look for evidence of past or present organic growth. Once something has been discovered, we can start to get into the issue more seriously – finding the water source, seeing if it was a continuous issue or a one-time occurrence, and other factors. If the situation calls for it, and the client has thought about it thoroughly and given permission, intrusive testing may be done to fully inspect the issue.

Why Would I To Hire A Mold Inspector?

Common reasons people hire a mold inspector are:

  • If you see an issue, such as organic growth in your attic or other areas
  • You don’t see anything, but there is a strange smell in your home
  • You are having allergic reactions while you are in your home
  • Other people are having a reaction in your home

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Limited Area Inspections

With a limited area inspection, we will concentrate on a specific area of concern. Plumbing leaks, roof leaks, Wall damage, Ceiling damage, or clearance testing.
Pricing starting at $375.00

Full Building Inspection

A full building evaluation will not only cover your area of concern but also cover all areas of the building including areas that would be conducive to future mold growth.

Pricing starting at $550.00

Mold Surveys

Mold is everywhere. We need it in our environment to break down our trash and organic material in nature. That said, we also want to make sure there are not abnormal levels of mold in our homes. There are three conditions that would warrant have a mold survey conducted in a home.

1. A musty scent is detected or damp areas were discovered on drywall or flooring.
2. A person living in the home has severe allergies, asthma, or has a suppressed immune system.
3. A prior water leak was disclosed, but no documentation exists to verify mold remediation.
If one or more of these is true about the home you are purchasing, we recommend having a mold survey conducted during the course of the home inspection.
This process takes about 30 minutes and lab results are available within two days of the survey. The accuracy of the results are guaranteed for up to $3,000 if mold is found within 90 days after the survey.

VOC and Chemical Testing

An Indoor Air Quality Home Survey reports on the air in the home for chemicals and hidden mold that could be detrimental to your health or that could cost you thousands of dollars to remediate if left undetected.

If you have concerns about the air quality of the home you’re purchasing, this is a must have. It will provide reporting on the levels of chemical compounds in the air as well as an index, which clearly indicates if the levels are too high and where they may be coming from.
We measure and report on:
– VOCs 
– mVOCs

“I contacted Green Valley Inspection in reference to an inspection. I was greeted by the owner of the company, Eric who was very professional and helpful. One of his employees, John came out to do the inspection. He was prompt, very courteous and gladly explained what he was looking for, and what he found. I am not a technical person, but I did not feel intimidated because he explained everything in Layman’s terms as he went along. He was very knowledge. He pointed out things that were Health and Safety problems, which I would never had known. My agent and I received a complete summary of his findings and suggested solutions the very same day. Overall, it was a very pleasant experience.”


“Thanks a million! Chris just saved us from purchasing a home that had mold growing in the attic! He explained that it had been sitting there for some time and we would only know the extent of damage after removal. This house didn’t work out but we will definitely call them out again on our next find! Extremely thorough inspector. Very happy with their detailed report.”


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