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The process of obtaining a home loan can be confusing and daunting. This is especially true when it comes to the long list of fees associated with the mortgage. Otherwise known as closing costs. 

It can be hard to understand not to mention whether you’re being whether you’re being overcharged. Shopping around for the lowest cost could potentially save you lots of money.

There are some quick tips on how to save on closing costs:

  • Understand what services can be shopped and then shop around. The loan estimate details what services you can shop around for and those that you can’t. So shop around and save money.
  • Know what fees can change. Certain fees listed on your loan estimate are locked in and others can change. Review the loan estimate carefully.
  • Save on discount points with the mortgage rates are low. Speak with your lender about whether or not paying points makes sense based on your situation
  • Shop and compare homeowners insurance. It can reduce your closing cost and save you money long-term on your insurance premiums.
  • Ask the seller to pay some or all of your closing costs. Getting help from the seller isn’t easy and a hot seller’s market. However, the seller is motivated you may save money on closing costs in the process.

You can save hundreds of dollars even thousands, by understanding how to save on closing costs. That money could be better spent going into your home as opposed to on your loan.

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