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Home Staging has become a huge part of the buying and selling process for many homeowners. Did you know that Home Staging has an impact on both the potential Buyer and on the Home Inspector?

First off, a brief description of what Home Staging is: “Home staging allows an expert to make your home look amazing for walkthroughs, listing photos and open house guests. The stager will suggest decor, rearrange furniture and depersonalize your home and get it ready for a showing. Turns a cluttered, dark, and dull space into a sparkling bright and inviting showcase.”

Here are simple tips that will impress both the potential buyer of your home and the home inspector.

Clean, Clean, and Clean some more –

Nothing impresses a potential buyer or Home inspector more than a clean home. This goes for the inside of the home and the outside. Inside the home be sure to focus on bathrooms, kitchens, and bedrooms. Outside of the home, you want to focus on areas a home inspector will be looking at. Clean out those gutters from all the leaves that have fallen.

Clear the Clutter

It’s easy to clutter up any space in our home. Removing items, not in constant use is critical to creating an uncluttered space. The attic, for example, can easily become a cluttered space. Before any inspection, clear the attic of unwanted and unnecessary possessions.


Our homes might look and appear very different from the way our homes look when it’s staged. We usually have lots of family pictures around, lots of our hobbies are evident, and even the kind of pets we have. When we stage our home we don’t want that type of personal touch to be noticeable. Take photos, pet supplies, and even instruments and the like out of view. It’s nice to keep the buyer and Home Inspector guessing as to who lives in the home. We simply want to leave the impression of a bright clean and dazzling home. That’s where the focus should be!

So keep it Clean, keep it Clear of the Clutter and Keep them guessing. Home staging can help you accomplish it all!

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