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Home sweet home! Our homes are where we are most comfortable but we always want to be aware of any potential safety hazards. Taking time each month to review some home safety tips will keep our home not only sweet but safe. 

Here are a few basic guidelines to keep your home and your entire family safe.

  1. Hot Water heaters. It’s important to always keep the water heater set to a maximum of 120°. This temperature will help to prevent burns. Be sure to keep flammable or combustible materials away from the water heater.
  2. Extension cords. Don’t ever allow extension cords to run across the doorway or under rugs. No cords should be used in this matter extension cords should never be used as a permanent fixture.
  3. The window coverings should be cordless. If there are cords on the window coverings make sure that they’re out of children’s reach without any knots or loops.
  4. Fire extinguishers should be on every level of the home. It is especially important to have at least one in the kitchen.
  5. A smoke detector should be installed and tested at least once a month to make sure that it is working properly. Every level of your home should have one and the batteries need to be replaced every year.

A home safe home is just as important as a home sweet home. Create a safety checklist for your home today.

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