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We all want a pristine lush and green lawn. Maintaining the lawn is not an easy feat. Sadly, there are times when the lawn turns patchy and unsightly. The good news is that most problems with our lawn can easily be fixed.

Here are a few common problems and solutions to fix your lawn problems:

  1. Weeds. Uncontrolled weeds ruin the look of a lawn. Weeds are very hard to get rid of. You can keep weeds away if you practice healthy long habits. Always cut your lawn with a sharp lawnmower blade. Water your lawn in the morning and use grass clippings on the line to fertilize it.
  2. Patchy and brown grass. Patchy and brown grass in your will stand out. If this is a persistent issue there could be a problem with your soil pH. To prevent browning grass conduct a soil test in different parts of the lawn. Research what grass grows best in your region or area.
  3. Bare spots. But traffic and other diseases can cause bare spots. The best way to eliminate this problem is to reseed these areas. As the grass seeds, cover it with straw and keep the soil nice and moist until new grass sprouts.

These are just a few common lawn problems and quick fixes for each issue. Utilize these tips today and look for a healthier and greener lawn very soon.

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