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How to Avoid Clogs!

There are plenty of simple things you can do every day to reduce the amount of clog inducing substances that go down your drains. It might seem like a lot of work at first but these things can quickly become a habit. And I’m like some habits, this one is actually...

Bathroom Safety for the Elderly?

For many homeowners remaining at home as long as possible is the gold standard for how they want to live. Aging in place is entirely possible but may require a few changes to the home to keep you safer longer.  For instance, there are several safety concerns that...

Spring Brings Maintenance

Spring is in the air and that means spring cleaning. We also need to be thinking about spring home maintenance as well. The goal is to prevent things from going wrong or catching little problems early before they become major problems. Here’s a list of spring...

Renting vs Buying

Renting versus buying is a big decision and there are pros and cons to each of option. The question of owning a home or renting isn’t as straightforward as it might first appear. The deciding factor for you could come down to something other than money.  Here are...

Showerhead Water Pressure

I’m sure you will agree that low water pressure in the shower is the absolute worst. Thankfully there are definitely options to eliminate this issue and get you the pressure you deserve. The best shower heads for low water pressure are designed to boost pressure to...

Types of Kitchen Sinks

When you think of the kitchen sink what comes to mind? Is it washing dishes, rinsing food, prepping for dinner, or bathing your infant child?  The kitchen sink is used for a variety of things, so having the perfect kitchen sink for the function of your kitchen is...
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