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Showerhead Water Pressure

I’m sure you will agree that low water pressure in the shower is the absolute worst. Thankfully there are definitely options to eliminate this issue and get you the pressure you deserve. The best shower heads for low water pressure are designed to boost pressure to...

Types of Kitchen Sinks

When you think of the kitchen sink what comes to mind? Is it washing dishes, rinsing food, prepping for dinner, or bathing your infant child?  The kitchen sink is used for a variety of things, so having the perfect kitchen sink for the function of your kitchen is...

Deck Safety – Why be Concerned?

Deck safety is not always at the top of the list for homeowners. How safe is your deck? If you’re like most homeowners you probably think your deck is structurally sound but you’re not sure.  Why is it important to be concerned about deck safety? It’s an...

Home safety checklists!

Home sweet home! Our homes are where we are most comfortable but we always want to be aware of any potential safety hazards. Taking time each month to review some home safety tips will keep our home not only sweet but safe.  Here are a few basic guidelines to keep...

Can I Install a Garbage Disposal?

Almost every US kitchen has a garbage disposal unit. So at some point now or in the future homeowners may find themselves having to install or replace the garbage disposal. Is this something you can do yourself? Absolutely!  Here are a few collected tips so that...

Smoke Detector Installation

One of the most important installations that a homeowner can do is that of a smoke detector. There are several things to consider before purchasing a smoke detector. You want to think about the type of detector, how many you might need, where you want them installed,...
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