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Almost every US kitchen has a garbage disposal unit. So at some point now or in the future homeowners may find themselves having to install or replace the garbage disposal. Is this something you can do yourself? Absolutely! 

Here are a few collected tips so that you’re able to do it yourself and have a smooth and trouble-free install of your garbage disposal.

  • The first thing you wanna do is remove the old disposal. But first, make sure that the electrical power is turned off. Disconnect the drain connections attached to the disposal and then disconnect the disposal from the flange assembly.
  • Next, you want to install the sink flange and the mounting ring. Find a partner because this assembly is above underneath the sink.
  • Before you continue, make sure that the mounting ring is tightened. Use plumbers putty to keep it in place and seal it. Be sure to wipe away any excess plumbers putty with a rag.
  • Now you need to attach the power cord. before you connect the garbage disposal. Connect the white cord of the disposal to the white power cord and the black power cord at the black  disposal cord and lastly the green ground cord to the ground green wire
  • Now it’s time to mount the garbage disposal. The garbage disposal will be a bit heavy. You can prop it up on something, or you can just hold it up if you’re strong enough. Rotate the unit so that the three mounting positions are engaged.
  • When the garbage disposal is locked into place you should hear a distinct click.
  • Now all you have left to do is connect the drain lines. After that the drain lines are connected, you can connect the dishwasher line.
  • Finally, check for leaks and ensure that the disposal is operating properly.

Now you are well on your way to enjoying the benefits of a newly installed garbage disposal. Great work homeowner!

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