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Outdoor Fire Safety

Fall, the time of year when many homeowners are prepping to enjoy their outdoor living space. What better way to enjoy this space than snuggling up to a warm and cozy fire. The options for enjoying roasted marshmallows and mulled wine around the fire are now endless....

Home Staging and Home Inspections

Home Staging has become a huge part of the buying and selling process for many homeowners. Did you know that Home Staging has an impact on both the potential Buyer and on the Home Inspector? First off, a brief description of what Home Staging is: “Home staging allows...

Ants Marching

One of the most common pests in buildings are ants. Even though they’re mostly harmless to humans, they can cause much damage to buildings, so it’s important to be able to tell if you have an infestation. One telltale sign is frass. What is that? When ants dig into...

Environmentally Friendly Toilets

The household toilet is an indispensable part of our lives. Where would we be without it? Were you aware that a toilet flush uses more water than a lot of us realize?. Are there more environmentally friendly alternatives then, when it comes to finding a toilet that...

Termite Issues

Termites are a real concern. Many structural problems that happen are created by termites. One of the many issues that makes termite problems serious, and very difficult to find, is in how termites work and live. By nature, termites try to avoid predators. So they try...

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