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For many homeowners remaining at home as long as possible is the gold standard for how they want to live. Aging in place is entirely possible but may require a few changes to the home to keep you safer longer. 

For instance, there are several safety concerns that seniors must address in the bathroom. Safe accessible bathrooms don’t just happen. You will need to tackle the washroom to keep your loved ones independent and protected at home.

Many slips and falls happen in and around the bathroom and shower areas.

  • Add slip prevention flooring throughout the bathroom and shower area. Nonskid bathmats, nonslip strips in the bath and shower, or stable secure bathmats with nonslip rug tape all work.
  • Quality, sturdy products are available at your local hardware store.

Give your loved one a better grip place grab bars in the shower, tub, and next to the toilet.

  • Make sure your grab bars are securely attached to the wall.
  • Use U-shaped, vertical, or angle bars rather than diagonal bars.
  • Add back bracing to the walls where you use grab bars.
  • Add a fold-down seat or bench in the shower. Some come with padded backs for extra comfort.
  • Install handheld adjustable height showerheads with a 6-foot hose.
  • Add extra lighting in the shower for the senior user

Follow the simple tips and your aging-in-place experience will be a breeze. With less worry and more safety, you can make each day a better memory for your seniors.

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