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One of the most common pests in buildings are ants.

Even though they’re mostly harmless to humans, they can cause much damage to buildings, so it’s important to be able to tell if you have an infestation.

One telltale sign is frass. What is that? When ants dig into the wood of your home, they will leave behind fine sawdust. If you tap on the area you will notice more of it falling out.

Ant trails or even single ants can be followed back to their nest to find out where it is located. Keep an eye on any holes or cracks that might be used to enter your home. They will usually seek out areas where there is food available.

To lower the risk of an infestation, you can take some simple steps.

Anything sweet will attract ants, it can be candy, honey, sugar or soda. Make sure you keep such items in sealed storage containers and clean out soda cans and similar items or deposit them in a sealed garbage container.

Seal any holes or cracks you might have in your foundation, and clear away shrubbery that is up against the house.

Keep your house and the area around it as dry as possible since moisture will attract them.

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