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Arc-Fault Circuit Interrupters (AFCIs)

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Arc-fault circuit interrupters  (AFCIs) are special types of electrical receptacles or outlets and circuit breakers designed to detect and respond to
potentially dangerous electrical arcs in home branch wiring.


How do they work?
AFCIs function by monitoring the electrical waveform and promptly opening (interrupting) the circuit they serve if they detect changes in the wave
pattern that are characteristic of a dangerous arc. They also must be capable of distinguishing safe, normal arcs (such as those created when a switch is turned on or a plug is pulled from a receptacle) from arcs that can cause fires. An AFCI can detect, recognize and
respond to very small changes in wave pattern.


What is an arc?
-When an electric current crosses an air gap from an energized component to a grounded component, it
produces a glowing plasma discharge known as an arc. For example, a bolt of lightning is a very large,
powerful arc that crosses an atmospheric gap from an electrically charged cloud to the ground or
another cloud. Just as lightning can cause fires, arcs produced by domestic wiring are capable of
producing high levels of heat that can ignite their surroundings and lead to structure fires.


Where are arcs likely to form?
Arcs can form where wires are improperly installed or when insulation becomes damaged. In older
homes, wire insulation tends to crystallize as it ages, becoming brittle and prone to cracking and
chipping. Damaged insulation exposes the current-carrying wire to its surroundings, increasing the
chances that an arc may occur.
Situations in which arcs may be created:
electrical cords damaged by vacuum cleaners or trapped beneath furniture or doors.
damage to wire insulation from nails or screws driven through walls.
appliance cords damaged by heat, natural aging, kinking, impact, or over-extension.
spillage of liquid.
Loose connections in outlets, switches and light fixtures


Where are AFCIs required?
Locations in which AFCIs are required depend on the building codes adopted by their jurisdiction. The 2006 International Residential Code (IRC) requires that AFCIs be installed within bedrooms in the following manner: E3802.12 Arc-Fault Protection of Bedroom Outlets. All branch circuits that supply120-volt, single-phase, 15- and 20-amp outlets installed in bedrooms shall be protected by a combination-type or
branch/feeder-type arc-fault circuit interrupter installed to provide protection of the entire branch circuit.




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Nice artical on Building Cavities Used as Supply or Return Ducts

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I have seen this in older home, both supply and returns.

1 issue that comes to mind is the condensation that will form in the walls and the microbial growth that will follow



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Great info on finding an Inspector

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I came across this page today. Great info if you are looking for a home inspector in Los Angeles, Riverside, Temecula, Rancho Cucamonga and surrounding areas. We are members of NACHI.



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Los Angeles Home Inspections

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Great news. Green Valley Home Inspections now covers Los Angeles County from Hollywood to Long Beach, as well as all of Orange County.

If you are looking for an Inspector that has you best interest at heart call us you wont be disappointed. We go beyond the normal home inspection with our use of a Thermal Imaging Camera  at no additional cost. I am a Certified Master Inspector CMI

Visit our web sites for more information on what we offer


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Commercial Building Inspections Los Angeles, Riverside and San Bernardino Counties.

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A professional commercial building inspection is absolutely vital when you are planning to purchase, lease or sell a commercial building.

Property owners looking to sell a property are increasingly using property condition assessments as a means of expediting the real estate transaction. The completed property condition report can then be folded as part of the sellers state mandated property disclosure form. Combined together these reports reduce the buyer’s due diligence by providing an overall description of the asset and known physical deficiencies.

A seller is now capable of offering an asset at an established asking price knowing the asset’s deficiencies. This in theory eliminates the buyer’s opportunity to request a price reduction based on the already disclosed physical deficiencies that may be later discovered by the buyer’s PCA consultant.


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Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters

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Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters or GFCIs are inexpensive electrical safety devices that are designed to reduce the risk of serious electrical shock and/or injury.  They are typically installed in outlets on exterior walls and in damp environments.  The GFCI will shut off power to the outlet if the electrical flow to the circuit changes slightly.  The shut off is instantaneous, thus preventing long powerful shocks of electricty to an operator.


You should consider GFCIs for the following locations:


- Any outdoor/exterior outlets

- Kitchen

- Bathrooms

- Garage

- Basement and Crawlspaces


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Rancho Cucamonga Home Inspection 200% Satisfaction Guarantee

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Are you looking for a home inspector that stands behind his work?

Here at Green Valley Home Inspections we offer a 200 % Satisfaction Guarantee. If you are not completly satisfied at the end of the inspection we will refund your fee and pay for another Nachi home inspector to inspect your future home. Check out our web site for details



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Your Premier Choice For Home Inspections

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Looking for a Home Inspector in Rancho Cucamonga? Green Valley Home Inspections is here to serve you. We offer a detailed report with photos, Thermal Imaging at no extra cost, 90 Day warranty and we check appliances for recalls. Call us Today for your next home inspection.

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Yearly Home Inspections for Maintenance

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Ever wonder how your home is feeling? When your feeling under the weather, you go to the doctor to get a check up. What about your home? You can’t take your home to the Doctor. What can you do?  Call Green Valley Home Inspections for a yearly maintenance check up.

In this photo the home was built in 2005. The dryer vent that goes up through the roof has become dislodged and is leaking dryer lint and moisture into the attic at the roof sheathing.  You would never know unless your home is inspected. Caught early so there was no moisture damage.




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Home Inspection

Online Scheduling Available

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Now at you can schedule your home inspection online in real time.

If your looking for a great home inspection in Southern California give us a call. we look out for your interests.

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